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    Walt West

    Senior Financial Specialist
    West Advisory Group

    Who am I?

    I'm Walt West, a Senior Financial Specialist and the founder of the West Advisory Group.

    My normal day starts early and ends late and is always a little different, but I love the challenge that each day brings! All of my hard work is spent on helping my clients solve their investment problems and building roadmaps for their future. I find my work extremely gratifying and love to come up with new, cutting-edge ideas and strategies.

    I'm passionate about bringing financial literacy to everyone and I do this through independent and creative financial plans.

    What will you learn?

    Topics we’ll cover in the Taxes in Retirement Guide:

    • The advantages of separating your taxable and tax-deferred accounts

    • The signs to watch for in ever-changing
    tax laws

    • Options for tax deductions in retirement income